Posted by : ukissoholic 4/3/13

Since March 31, 2013, “Rocketboxx”, the International UKISS forum has became an “Avengers Forum”.
Rocketboxx has been running for 5 years, even before the debut of UKISS.
Everybody is now worried if the “Avengers Forum” will be permanent or will they actually change it back to UKISS Forum.

So now, Instead of UKISS it's Avengers
Post tags became:
Soohyun : Captain America
Kiseop:  The Black Widow
Eli: Hulk
AJ: Wolverine
Hoon: Thor
Kevin: Iron Man
Dongho: Loki

Kibum: Hawkeye
Alexander: Spiderman

We are also waiting, if this will be permanent. But we conclude that, Rocketboxx, maybe just playing around, because they did not entirely changed the forum. Ukiss threads are still open for everybody.

Via: ukissoholic@RB + Kiseopfan4life

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