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Hello. This is NH Media.
This is a notice about U-KISS's official goods including the slogan version 3 and 2013 Summer giant fan.

The U-KISS slogan version is a major upgrade from version 2!
Firstly, a smaller size!
At 60cmx20cm to be able to be held with both hands for cheering convenience!
Secondly, it's of thick and strong quality!
The previous version was made out of suede fabric, this time is double the thickness and strongness!
Thirdly, double-sided design!
U-KISS is printed on the front, while KISSme's logo is printed on the back! Both sides can be used!
Fourthly, zipper bag!
The version 3 slogans are packaged in a zipper bag!
We will be using the supporting slogan version 3 after this notice.
The slogan is available for on-site purchase and online purchase.

The details of U-KISS's official support slogan (version 3) can be found in the sample image below!

Price: 13,000won each

In addition, we have a new 2013 summer official good to help with the humid summer!
2013 Summer Official Goods: Giant Fan

  • Firstly, BIG size!

The size is produced so that it can be seen from 100m.
With one movement, you can spend a refreshing summer with the person next to you ;)
  • Secondly, a classy two-sided design

When it's in your hands, you will be able to see the all black with coloured picture designs featuring unreleased pictures from Standing Still!!
  • Thirdly, a protective sleeve

The fan is packaged in a convenience sleeve to protect your fan and always keep it like new!
  • Fourthly, a limited Summer-time item!

After this summer, the fan will not be available!!

The fan is available for on-site purchases and online purchases!
The details of U-KISS's official giant fan item can be found in the sample image below!

Price: 7,000won each

To commemorate the release of the new slogan and "giant fan", we will be holding a special event!

 Official Slogan ver3 & Giant Fan Release Event
 01. Event duration : 2013.06.07 (Fri) ~ 2013.06.25 (Tue)
 02. Event prize : Slogan ver3 & giant fan
 03. Event details

One. Undisclosed photos of U-KISS

Two. Autographed photos of member (random member selected)

Three. Amongst slogan orders, we will choose 10 people to receive an extra slogan!
Four. Amongst fan orders, we will choose 10 people to receive an extra fan!

04. How to buy : Bank transfer
05. Prices
      - Slogan ver3: 13,000won each
      - Giant fan: 7,000won each
06. Delivery fee: 2,500won
07. Bank Account: Citibank / 131-05866-267-01 / MinJiYoung
08. Transferee: The name of the person who is transferring the money.
09. Delivery date: We will begin delivery from 2013.06.26.
10. Other
      - The goods will be available for purchase from June 6.
      - Please send your confirmation email after you have deposited the money.
      - We will not be shipping overseas, we will be shipping domestically only.
      - If your deposited amount or name is incorrect, there may be delays in shipping.

Deposit Confirmation Email

01. Email:
                   (ex: [굿즈구매] 신수현 슬로건1장/왕부채1개)
03. Mail details
① Deposit Date:
② Name of account:
③ Deposit amount:
④ Slogan quantity:
⑤ Fan quantity:
⑥ Address: (required)
⑦ Contact number: (required)
⑧ Recipient: (If differs to the name of account)
⑨ Delivery requests:

04. Deposit Deadline : 2013.06.26 (Wed) *No exceptions
05. Important Notes:
      - Please make sure you send the email AFTER you transfer the money. (Sending the email beforehand is not allowed)
      - If we are unable to match your order to your payment, you will not receive a confirmation email.
      - We will contact you individually if we are unable to confirm your deposit. If we are unable to contact you, a notice will be posted on the official cafe.
      - If you send in your confirmation email after the deadline even if you've sent the money, there may be delays in shipping.
      - We will not be able to send out your goods if you do not send us the confirmation email. Please make sure you send it.

Thank you.

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