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Album Info:
U-KISS' new mini-album 'Mono Scandal' is releasing.
Before their comeback, they announced the addition of a new member 'Jun'. With his fresh face, we will have another chance to see a newly transformed U-KISS in their new mini-album. The mini-album features songs composed by the hottest hit makers in town 'Duble Sidekick' including "Don't Flirt" (title track) making up a strong, upbeat, sexily charismatic comeback.
<Don't Flirt> features a guitar line as its lyrical lead, producing a urban soul sound and R&B feel. It's a perfect collaboration between U-KISS's vocals and hit maker 'Duble Sidekick'. The song is focused on the story of a pitiful man that tries to tell his unfaithful lover to not flirt with other men. 
The music video has a strong theme to it and one of it's main highlights includes the couple dance.
Aside from the title track, the mini album also features an emotional medium tempo ballad "One" that highlights U-KISS's harmonies. This track was composed by Kim Won Hyun who has also worked with 2AM and Heogak.
"Come Back To Me" is composed by ZigZagNote, it's a track that features sad lyrics and is accompanied by a beautiful piano arrangement. "Can't Live Without You" is a stellar track that shows off Soohyun's 3-Octave vocals. It's a blend of a hip hop beat as well as a piano and guitar arrangement.
T/N: These are very rough translations as I'm traveling and only translating via mobile! Apologies for any errors
1. 끼부리지마 - Don't Flirt (Title Track)
2. 하나 - One
3. 다시 내게로 와줘 - Come Back to Me
4. 너 없이는 안돼 - Can't Live Without You
5. 끼부리지마 - Don't Flirt (INST.)
6. 다시 내게로 와줘 - Come Back to Me (INST.)

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