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This is NH Media.

Below is the information for U-KISS's 10th Mini-Album [Always] release.

U-KISS Mini Album [Always] Release Details
Album Name: THE 10th MINI ALBUM [Always]
Title Song: Playground (놀이터)
Release Date: 2015년.01.23 (Fri)
Contents: 6 tracks

1. Smart Love
2. 누가 그래 (Who Says)
3. 놀이터 (Playground)
4. 삐걱삐걱 (Squeaky Squeaky)
5. 돌아와줘 (Come Back)
6. 놀이터(INST.) (Playground INST.)

<Online Release>
Date & Time: 2015.01.23 (Fri) PM 12:00
Site: Melon, Bugs, Soribada, Olleh Music and other online streaming outlets

<Offline Release>
Date: 2015.01.23 (Fri)
Locations: Kyobo Bookstore, Sinnara Music and other stores

*Stock times may vary

You can pre-order your copy through online outlets.

<Music Video Release>
Date & Time: 2015.01.23 (Fri) PM 12:00
Available at: U-KISS's Official YouTube Channel (

<Online Music Sites>
Melon _
Bugs _
Soribada _
Genie _

You can stream and download the tracks at all online sites!

U-KISS's 10th mini-album [Always] will be on sale from Jan 23rd.

U-KISS teams up with the composers of "One" from their last mini album [MONO SCANDAL], Delinquent Boys, to give you their new title song, "Playground". U-KISS members Eli and Jun took part in the rap making process. It's a mid-tempo song about a young man, who still doesn't really know about love.

Following this, we have the previously released song which as a sweet tone <SMART LOVE> about a boyfriend who thinks about his girlfriend while she's playing with their smartphone on their date.

Delinquent Boys also composed the R&B Hiphop song <Who Says>, where Eli also took part in the rap making process. The song features a groovy melody and heavy 808 sounds with hard-hitting lyrics about the words of a girlfriend. Rookie composer team "Rocket Punch" composed the urban R&B track <Squeaky Squeaky>, a song about the separation of lovers from a man's perspective.

Hit composers ZigZagNote from their last album's "Come Back To Me" return to compose the track <Come Back>, once again showcasing U-KISS's charm. This song has a strong beat with a moderate melody, making a mid-tempo song.

Please look forward to the different styles of this mini album.

U-KISS will make their comeback stage for 'Playground' on Thursday at's <M!Countdown>.

The members have prepared long and hard for this comeback to show you a good appearance, please give them lots of support.
Thank you.


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