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These days, there are a lot of Kpop fanatics here in the Philippines and it grew in a span of more than five years. Here in my place, when I started to be a kpop fan (2010) there were only about ten or more and we were under different fandoms. Right now, I can see that the population grew and by just looking at them, I already know what fandom they are.
Based on my personal account, being a K-pop fan has its own mix of roller coaster emotions.
In a perspective of a non-kpopper, K-pop fans are just delusional bunch of teenagers, loving a music genre that they do not even understand. Also, they see K-pop boy groups as bunch of gays.
Yes! We received a lot judgement. I even experience to be laughed at by one of my teachers. Of course we do get hurt but, did those judgement stopped us? Not really.
You see, K-pop is not just music. It us not just a bunch of dolled up or colorfully dressed individuals dancing in a group. If that is all there is, I may have loved them but I will not stay as long as one or two years in a fandom.
Those fans that stayed for 4 years or more in a fandom do not only know about their bias group’s music, promotional/music videos, fashion style, scandals (rumors); NO IT DOES NOT STOP THERE.
They know how difficult it is when you entered the K-pop industry.  Like the difficulty to get in and be trained in a music company then having the chance to debut and be recognized.
They know their bias group’s struggles. The sacrifices made. The pain on their parents eyes when their sons and daughter cannot be with them for how many months because of their job as a k-pop singers.
They know the group’s members like the back of their hands. What pisses them off, what makes them scream like they’ve seen a ghost, what are the things that can make them laugh and most of all they know the things that can make these tough guys cry.
Even so seeing all these pain, there bias groups gave them happiness. Not just happiness, they gave them inspirations. Both sides do, fans inspires their idol groups to do better, while idol groups inspire their fans to aim higher. It’s their connection and exchange of energy that is full of passion.
As for me, they inspired me to write, to draw and even awaken more of my talents. Being techie was not me, but because of them, I became a layout artist, and I even entered music editing. I also became a netizen, giving me the chance to connect with different people across the world. I got the chance to see different cultures becoming one. It may not be much but because of them, I was inspired and influenced to discover new things. They opened me up and gave me a new perspective in life. I did all these and became all of these because of the reasons that I want to communicate and connect with them. These are the ways to say thanks to them in what I have become.
Every k-pop fan has different stories to share and this is just one of them.
I do hope that people should stop bashing and try to see things in better way, even though they may not fully understand. We are people. We have different interest. Just try to open up and accept our differences. Less hate, less drama.

Fan-account of a “Kissme” (U-Kiss Fan).

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