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U-KISS recently started its South American Tour with its first concert in Peru.

Not long ago it was revealed the U-KISS members will hols its first tour in South America with the presentation of two concerts in the region visiting Peru and Chile.

The boys arrived to Peru on October 31st and started their endless activities with fans. Their visit to the country included a fansing event, a concert and finally a fan meeting. Also the boys visited a local TV show and performed for a small group of lucky fans there.

The adventure for local KISS ME started during the first hours of October 31st when the members arrived to country. Despite being a week day, a large number of fans waited for the boys at the airport and received them with posters and pictures. Later they were taken to their hotel in 2 vans where they stayed the whole morning resting after a long flight. The group hold a surprise press conference on the hotel where they talked about their upcoming activities on the country. Also later that day they hold a fansing session with some lucky fans who were able to say hi to the members in person.

During the second day of their stay the members visited a local TV show on one of the most pretigious TV channels of the country. There they performed their newest track "Stop Girl" and learned a few works in Spanish related to local dishes. As well they watched the performance of a few cover groups who participated in a contest to win some tickets to their concert which was later that day. The boys were really nice with the participants and even danced and sang along while they were performing.

It was November 1st and the day was just starting. After the TV show the boys visited the arena where they were going to perform later that night to hold a soundcheck section while fans were already waiting outsite the venue in order to see the band live.

Finally, the time for the concert arrived. It was already a few minutes past 8pm and the fans were already screaming the name of the boys when suddenly the lights went off and the music started to play. As soon as the boys hit the stage KISS Me started to sing along and shake their lightsticks while the boys performed their tracks "Bingeul Bingeul", "Believe" and "Stop Girl" making fans realize their dream was finally turning into a reality.

The members started to talk with the fans as well and asked about their favorite tracks and mentioned that the next song was going to be "0330" which they knew was pretty popular on the country. After that they also performed "A Shared Dream" and "Someday".

Once again the boys started to talk with fans and sang a bit of "0330" acapella with them. Then the aegyo section started and each member did something sweet for the fans. Eli was the first one and he said "I love you" in Korean to the fans making a heart with his hands, the next ones were Ki Seop and Soo Hyun who captivated everyone with a sexy dance. On the other hand Kevin requested a flying kiss from the fans before giving one to them. Finally, Hoon showed his vocal skills by singing and Dong Ho made fans laugh with his "Gangnam Style" dance.

They once again hit the stage and started to perform the Japanese version of "Tick Tack" as well as "Forbidden Love" before taking a short break to drink water. It was almost time to say goodbye but the boys performed "Shut Up" while the fans sang along with them. The lights went of for a couple of minutes until the U-KISS members returned and talked with the fans. They mentioned that even though the concert was almost over they would see each other again for the fan meeting the next day and performed their last track "Man Man Ha Ni" with the fans and even Eli got closer to them during the last moments of the track.

The boys said their final goodbye with a perfect 90 degree bow before leaving the stage for the last time.

Even though the concert was over, the adventure of U-KISS and KISS ME continued the next day on a private fanmeeting where a few lucky fans assisted and had the chance to dance with the boys, receive hugs from them and even a few ones got signed albums as presents.

The band promised to comeback soon for an even bigger concert and their agency has shared their will to have a bigger tour and get closer to South American fans.

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We would like to thank Take One for the chance of letting us cover this amazing event!

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