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U-Kiss's maknae, DongHo had involved in an action drama, Holy Land back in April. His charismatic charm has drew a lot of attention of the viewers too!
Gokpop was given a chance to interview DongHo on his experiences about being an actor.
Check out Gokpop exclusive interview with U-Kiss's Dongho!

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1. How have you been adjusting as an actor?
I still have a lot to learn. Singing’s what I’ve been doing for a long time, but acting is new, so it kind of makes me nervous. I just want to do my best.

2. Share us what you learned and what you still wanna learn in acting.
I’ve learned how to control my emotions, which will be helpful in future acting.

3. This is an action drama (i suppose) have you gone training for this? Any preparations?
Before shooting, I had to learn mixed martial arts and boxing which was difficult and left me bruised. It was physically exhausting. More so because of U-Kiss tours. I thought I was in great shape thanks to dancing but I was wrong. (laugh)

4. Is there any role you want to try in the future?
I want to play a more light-hearted character. I hope I can play a very complex character too although right now I might lack experience and maturity.

5. About being in dramas, how are your members supporting you? What do they say about your acting?
The other members were like “You? Boxing?” They couldn’t believe it. But even though the premiere of the show was aired late at night, they all stayed up to watch it and encouraged me. I’m very thankful.
They all encouraged me and gave me advice after watching the show. Doing this with Hoon, reading the scripts together and everything was fun.

6. Will UKISS be singing an OST for Holyland?

7. If there was one language you would want to learn [Not including] English, Japanese and Chinese what would it be?
French. It won’t be easy but I think it’ll be fun.

8. You will start your college live very soon, how to manage between school and your busy activities as an entertainer?

9. A lot of fans asking about his condition as it was reported that he wa s rushed to the hospital. Fans are worried and they want to know how is he feeling right now?
I was very sick at the time but I’m fine now. Don’t worry and thank you very much for your concern.

Thanks a lot to KIX and KIX HD for the interview opportunity.

[NOTE] Holyland will be premiering on KIX (Starhub Cable TV Channel 518) and KIX HD (Singtel Mio TV Channel 54) on 5 December, Wednesday, at 9pm.

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