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Idol group U-KISS has made their comeback after a year and a half. All the members have reached adult age in their twenties, including their youngest member, Dongho. Saying that they can now show off their sexy appeal “without worry,” U-KISS recently shared their thoughts and excitement for their comeback.

On March 7th, U-KISS released their third official album, “Collage.” Their title song, “Standing Still,” experiments with the sounds of progressive house, a rare thing in today's Korean music scene. The song expresses the honest feelings towards a lover, and highlights the members’ wave dance that flows like water, their powerful but sexy choreography.

I just turned 20 this past year. (Claps) This means that the range of performances that we can show has become wider. Haha. This time, our album, like its name “Collage,” is full of various colorful aspects. There are fun songs, emotional ballad songs, and even cool songs, all into one album. The music is very unique, so it won’t be boring to listen to for a long time.” - Dongho

As long as U-KISS’s hiatus was, their skills, such as their vocal and performance talent, improved as much. Instead of a dynamic choreography, repressed hand moves express the main feeling of the song. The point is when the shoulders and feet move alternately, a come-and-go kind of dance.

“I really wanted to perform in front of our fans. It’s been a long time since we last stood on stage, but seeing them enjoy watching us sing made me very happy. Truthfully, I’m worried that we might not be able to perform above their expectations.” - Soohyun

It has already been six years since they debuted. Now, rather than as rookies, they are referred to as part of the main group of idols. Having “survived” in the Korean music industry, they’ve naturally come to take more of an interest in the people that are willing to listen to their music, instead of how they rank on music charts.

“Now, instead of rankings, I feel happiness in finding out that a lot of people like our music. Along with our fans (Kiss Me), I want us to reach other people, even those that didn’t know of U-KISS before. I want to hear that we are a talented group of idols who make good music.” - Kiseop

With a lot of activities overseas in Japan, China, and South America, Korean fans of U-KISS have felt a little disappointed. However, there’s good news. For the next three months, after promoting as a whole group, U-KISS seems to have plans to meet their fans as a unit group. It is still in discussions, but the members’ intentions are stronger than ever.

"I think we might promote as a unit group this year. I can’t tell you this officially, but... (Laughs) There are a few members that are doing a musical this year, and some members that are practicing acting, so this might be a possibility. We had a lot of activities overseas, but so many fans waited for us and supported us. I’m so thankful to them that I can’t even express it. This time, we will promote (in Korea) for a long three months, so much that you might even get tired of us. I hope to make a lot of good memories with (our fans).” - Soohyun

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