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Hello. This is NH Media.
This is announcement in regards to U-KISS's final third album promotion and uBEAT's first stage.

U-KISS had released their third full-length album and was promoting regularly. We had spent a long while preparing for the full-length album and had wanted to show everyone the many, many things we had installed but it's a pity that we were unable to do so. But, because of everyone's constant love and support we were able to bring our promotions to a close with happy hearts. We would like to thank those who gave their full support during U-KISS's third full-length promotions. U-KISS's third album promotions will continue with tomorrow's (04.23) public TBS Special Stage at KangHwa Public Sports Centre and M!Countdown (04.24) in Taiwan and, finally, the 2013 Dream Concert scheduled on May 11.
U-KISS members are scheduled to have their sub-unit and solo activities after their third album promotions officially end. Eli, AJ and Kevin will be working for uBEAT activities, while SooHyun and Kevin again can be found doing the musical 'Summer Snow'. Hoon will also be making his musical debut through the musical "When A Man Loves". We will have good news to tell you soon about KiSeop and DongHo. ^^ For the time, the individual activities for each member are very good opportunities to show you the new and improved images of themselves. Please continue to support and love U-KISS in the future!
In addition, today finally marks the online release of U-KISS's first sub-unit group 'uBEAT'. We are very interested to hear what everyone has to say about uBEAT's music. To commemorate the release of the first mini-album, we are holding a streaming event. We encourage many people to participate~! As many people have waited, we are happy to announce that the music video will be released on April 25, after the offline release. We are preparing a great music video for you, so please wait a little longer. ^^
Lastly, this will be in regards to uBEAT's first stage.

As you know through the many news articles that uBEAT's first broadcasted stage will be held at MNET's M!Countdown in Taiwan on April 25. However tomorrow will be their first un-broadcasted stage performance at the KangHwa Public Sports Centre. This event will be very special as it marks the only time U-KISS and uBEAT will be performing on the same stage. ^^ To those who will be coming to the TBS Special Broadcast or those who live close to KangHwa, please come and show your support for U-KISS and uBEAT! We are working hard to show you a great stage, so please look forward to it. ^^

Please continue to look forward and support the activities of U-KISS and uBEAT.
Thank you.

uBEAT Facebook Fanpage>>> uBEAT - 유비트
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