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Hoon, who is part of U-KISS's 'vocal line', takes on another challenge of being cast in the musical <When A Man Loves>. Other group members SooHyun and Kevin have already undertaken musical experience with <Summer Snow>. Hoon, along with two others, Hong KyungMin and Brian play the role of 'EunSoo' to tell the story of a first love.

"I've always had a great interest in musicals. It began when I attended theatre school. Because U-KISS's busy schedule I haven't had a chance to do musicals. But since our first unit group 'uBEAT' has been released, I've had the opportunity. (Smile) I'm a vocalist but I had no plans. So I asked my company "Isn't there something I can do?" and soon an opportunity came along."

Sunbae Hong KyungMin worked with Hoon's practices. Throughout all his practices, he remained behind Hoon to give him advice. Hoon said, "At first when I arrived to practice I was very overwhelmed by my senior co-stars, but KyungMin Sunbae is extremely nice and helpful" and "Sunbae gave me the recordings of his performances and I worked hard to study with them".

When appearing on music programs as a group, you are together on stage only. However a musical is different. From being on the stage for two hours, and the start of practice until the end, you are always with your fellow co-stars and staff members. "We always come together for dinner and get to know each other," Hoon said. "As I joined late, I thought I would be disliked but everyone was so welcoming towards me", "Especially the time given to me by the ensemble", he continued.

"Full lips are perfect for a kiss scene"

Hoon thinks that as EunSoo doesn't know women well, it makes him a very innocent character. "The creation of the original character is very important," he continued, "EunSoo is very similar to me. Not knowing women very well is a very big factor. He is shy in front of the woman he likes and is constantly teased as well. I am able to empathise with that very well".

Within the production there is a kiss scene with the character HaYoon, played by Brown Eyed Girls's Narsha and LPG's Han SuYeon. Hoon said and laughed, "Everyone who plays HaYoon is older than me. Even though the kiss scene is short, I am happy to perform the scene with them," and "Because my lips are full, they are great for a kiss scene," and "With excitement and an innocent heart, I am able to do the scene well".

"I let my fans know via social networking sites about the kiss scene and they replied with, "Why are you cheating. Stop. If you do that, I won't come to watch!". Although I'm an innocent man, it seems I have become a bit of a bad boy. (Smile) I left a cute message saying "If you come to watch me, come with an open-mind". The acting of the scene comes naturally as I think about going out with a girlfriend and holding her hand to make lovely memories. This is how I get into the moment of the scene".

"I want to perform with and receive the guidance from Eom KiJoon Sunbae"

This is just the starting step for Hoon. After watching Eom KiJoon's <Sorrows of Young Werther>, he said, "I would love to work with Eom KiJoon sunbae and also receive his guidance". In addition, Hoon will also be participating in the production of <Goong> the musical in Japan. Hoon will be performing with fellow member KiSeop in July in Osaka, Japan.

Amongst idol groups, Hoon said that he would like to work with Girls' Generation's SeoHyun. Hoon had attended the same classes and practiced with SeoHyun. Hoon said, "I know that SeoHyun hasn't done a musical yet" and "Even though we haven't performed together on stage yet, it seems like the results would be good if we stood on the same stage to perform".

In other news, U-KISS will be embarking on a five-city tour in Japan. The production cost for the ZEPP Tour is 50 billion won and will have over 60,000 spectators. "As my schedule finishes at a late time, members gather to wait for me to practice together," he said, "I want to also show a great stage for the ZEPP Tour". Hoon's musical <When A Man Loves> will run until June 2 at Seoul's Universal Art Center.
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