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“We worked hard to show U-KISS’ charm.”
Male idol group U-KISS has returned. They’ve attempted a big change to match their 7 years since debut this year. Firstly, they’ve recruited a new member Jun and they’re leading extreme sexiness that is full of their masculine beauty.
On the 2nd, U-KISS held a showcase for their new mini album ‘Mono Scandal’ at V-HALL in Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu in Seoul at 3PM. They introduced their comeback, album concept and their planned activities for the future.
Soohyun said, “It’s been long since we’ve done Korean activities so we’re very nervous. We’re sorry to the fans for coming back so late. We’ll be actively promoting.”
“I was so nervous that I couldn’t sleep properly. I’m just happy. I will work harder than the other members,” said Jun determinedly, who will be joining them from this round of activities onwards.
“He’s a friend with a great personality,” introduced Hoon while holding the new member Jun. “Actually I thought he’d be particular since he has exceptional skills, but it’s not like that. He has a great personality and we’ll be able to be a close family,” he continued.
Through this album, U-KISS will show a more mature manly charm and have also gone ahead with extreme exposure. The music video of the title song ‘Quit Playing’ has been banned from broadcast with its 19+ rating and has attracted the attention of the public.
Concerning this, the members explained, “We made an effort to take care of our bodies by controlling our diets in order to lose weight, reducing our body fat and building muscles.” Member Hoon also hinted at that period of time by showing off his firm muscular abs.
“We worked hard to show a different image than U-KISS’ current image. It’s also true we had a negative start,” said Soohyun. “We recruited a new member and were worried about how we could show an appeal that is exclusively U-KISS’,” he explained.
Following that, “Although it looks excessive and extreme, we wanted to show our manliness and sexiness.” He requested, “We also worked hard to show our more upgraded dance and vocals. We’re looking forward to showing it to the public. We’ll work hard during our activities so please look over us.”
On this day, U-KISS said, “We’ll work hard for our Korean activities. We’ll become a U-KISS who does not forget our original intention,” and in chorus their anticipation for their future movements rises.
The title song ‘Quit Playing’ is a collaboration between Duble Sidekick and BakChiGi. It is a song that stands out with its RnB melody and a lyrical urban soul sound mainly shown through guitar lines. The straightforward lyrics about the pitiful feelings of a man who looks at a girl who’s easily shaken by other men and U-KISS’ charming voices balance in harmony.
Besides the title song, there are 4 songs in the album which include ‘One’, a song that mixes U-KISS’ harmony and rookie composers Delinquent Boys’  monologue style lyrics and singing method, ‘Come Back to Me’ which is a joint work of composer 노는어린이 (Kim Won Hyun) and ZigZagNote and ‘Can't Do Without You’ with its highlight of Soohyun’s long 3 octaves notes.
U-KISS, starting with their showcase, plan to follow up with active promotions through various music programmes.

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