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Idol group U-KISS has released their new album after a year and six months.

For a while, their frequent activities overseas left a lot of fans in Korea a little disappointed. However, it seems that their third official album, “Collage” will quench the thirst of their Korean fans.

Their new title song, “Standing Still” experiments with a new genre in K-Pop. Emotional and lyrical, and mixed with the sounds of the acoustic guitar and the new progressive house genre, the song exudes the style of U-KISS and shows a more advanced level of K-Pop.

“When people first heard the song, they weren’t sure what kind of music it was. But through weekly performances at music shows, more people are saying that they like the song. They say that it has a kind of addictiveness the more you hear it.”
U-KISS has become even manlier on stage. Their moderate choreography and performance give off a leisurely feel, just like that of six-year idol veterans.

“Truthfully, we worried a lot because there wasn’t a lot of time to prepare. We lost a lot of sleep and practiced even harder. We’re relieved that the public is seeing us in a good way.”

After making a comeback for a long time, we realized that there are a lot of talented and impressive idols active right now. It’s already been six years since we debuted, so with the mindset that we must do better than the people that are just starting now, we’ve been motivated to perform a lot harder on stage. We want to show a more laid-back side of us through all the experience we got from our activities overseas.

With their overseas activities beyond Asia, covering a wide breadth from Europe to South America, it’s been very hard to see U-KISS in Korea. Therefore, to leave Korean fans disappointed no more, U-KISS will remain in Korea for three months, where they plan to have frequent meetings with their fans.

“With an apologetic heart towards our Korean fans, we are planning to give our all this time. We are trying to do a lot of fan service.”

U-KISS has only one thing in mind that they want to gain from their current activities. They want to break the idea that “U-KISS is an idol group that has no talent” that the public seems to have.

We composed our own songs and worked very hard on our album, but I think there a lot of people who judge us even before listening to our music. We want to be known as a group that’s increasingly improving. Our new album is full of songs that show off the musical skills of U-KISS, so we hope that a lot of people listen to it.”

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